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A care guide to prepare you for emergency home care planning.

The sudden need for emergency home care. The situation is not entirely unfamiliar. Our parents are enjoying a wonderful life together in their senior years. They travel, they have a fairly active social life, they fend for themselves and love their independence. They are also inseparable.

And then suddenly, sadly, one of them meets with an unfortunate end. The spouse is devastated, shattered. This was never on the script. They were supposed to age gracefully and enjoy time together and with the family and the grandchildren. And now this.

It is common to witness a marked change in the surviving spouse at this point of time. The absence of the partner suddenly after years that the couple had spent together, can result in a situation of incomparable grief, necessitating that the families step in to offer a solution to what can spiral into acute desolation and due to acute grieving.

Families faced with this situation would do well to act swiftly before the situation reaches alarming levels. Our quick guide for emergency planning for home care may help you better prepare yourself for those moments in life when you need someone at home, with you.

Plan Gather as One

The first step would be for the adult sons and daughters of the surviving parent to assemble as one to commiserate and then quickly address the situation as to how the parent would live in the coming days. Some families may find it expedient to relocate the parent to their own homes for a certain period of time. While this may seem ideal as it takes the mind of the parent off his or her loss, as well as reduces the stress of daily chores for the parent, it comes with the difficulty of the parent having to move to an unfamiliar location, something no elder easily and comfortably fits into.

Financial and Legal Matters 

With the passing of one partner, it becomes a must for financial matters to be addressed. The discussion of this matter may seem hard hearted to some to accept, in light of the recent bereavement,  yet it is something that must be done.  Is the parent going to be able to meet the costs of living on his or her own. Does he or she need support. Is there something they desire at this life-changing juncture. 

It is also important that the surviving parent be asked about his or her last will or testament, so they ensure the rightful estate is properly organized as per their wishes.

Address Specific Care Needs

Loss of a partner and a sudden one at that is known to have immense psychological and physiological effects on the surviving partner.  It is therefore imperative that the family members organize an immediate comprehensive health check of the parent to rule out any health problems that may be underlying. A trusted set of friends of the surviving parent may also be requested for support to ensure a right frame of mind or a shoulder to lean on in case self-need. And in the event of an emergency,  a counsellor could  be called on for specialized services. 

Immediate Care AND Long Term Support 

Hard as it may be to accept by the surviving parent, he or she will need support in the years to come. A lot of strength would have been available when they were together but now things are different. The family members would do well to broach the subject with the parent. Perhaps the closest family member could suggest companionship of sorts, that would not only provide the parent with company but also serve to take care of household needs that may seem difficult in the new scenario.

One such possibility is investing in Companionship Services provided by a Home Care Service Provider, either on a full time or part time basis.

The situation posed by the sudden passing of one partner can very often prove to dramatically affect the surviving partner and it’s best to treat the matter of care for the surviving partner on a war footing. Acting swiftly and correctly with a vision for the coming years, can play a significant role in the life of the surviving partner. As a concerned family member this is a service we would not want to deny them. 

Whether its for a loved one or ourselves, emergency planning for home care is a reality most of us are faced with at some point in life. By reading our care guides and learning from our experience at Neighbourhood Care, we hope you can find yourself better prepared for these tough moments in life.