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Happy woman hugging his husband came back from army.

Honouring our Canadian Veterans with Health Care Solutions

  There are so many ways to honour our Canadian veterans, the soldiers who have made immense sacrifices to serve our country, not just on Remembrance Day, but every single day. That said, caring for them as they come home and adjust to their new surroundings could be one of …. Read More.

poppy field veterans remembrance day

Remembering Our Veterans: Supporting their Mental Health

Statistics around mental health for veterans shows that approximately one-fifth of Canadian veterans experience a diagnosed mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression at some point in their lives. In fact, several senior veterans find that they experience symptoms of PTSD, even after several years …. Read More.

spa therapy

Fountain of Youth? Benefits of Spa Therapy for Seniors

The benefits of spa therapy are plentiful for seniors. The practice is a great way to ease common physical ailments such as back pain, arthritis, or joint stiffness. It can also be used to improve one’s well-being and increase their sense of self-confidence. In fact, studies have shown that incorporating …. Read More.

Infographic that shows a blue ribbon for Arthritis Awareness Month and a word association cloud for Arthritis

Arthritis Awareness Month: An In-Depth Look at The Most Disabling Disease in Canada

  September is Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. Here at Neighbourhood Care, we’ve decided to take some time to get to know the disease that affects over 6 million Canadians – and its many faces. This guide seeks to help raise awareness for arthritis and support in the ongoing battle …. Read More.


Who is the Sandwich Generation?

Getting its name from the snack of the same name and the connotation of something or someone being placed or torn between two compelling entities or situations, the Sandwich Generation is the name given to the generation between elders and children. The Sandwich Generation But just lying between these two …. Read More.


Becoming Our Parents

How many of us parents have not had our son (or even daughter) look at us defiantly and say ‘I don’t want to be known as your son!’, clear reference to their need to be recognized for their own abilities and achievements. No stranger to the angst faced by teenagers …. Read More.

emergency home care

Emergency Home Care Planning

A care guide to prepare you for emergency home care planning. The sudden need for emergency home care. The situation is not entirely unfamiliar. Our parents are enjoying a wonderful life together in their senior years. They travel, they have a fairly active social life, they fend for themselves and …. Read More.

aging parents

5 Tips to Support Aging Parents at Home

A practical guide to support aging parents at home It’s surprising how fast time can fly, and how who were once active parents, can seem a shadow of themselves in a few years. Age creeps up on us silently. Little niggles in health start to appear, and before we know …. Read More.