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Staffing Solutions
for Healthcare Facilities

Our Staffing Solutions are designed to help medical and healthcare establishments manage their staffing needs on a sustainable basis, and thereby optimize productivity and performance.

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Ontario's Healthcare Staffing Crisis

Medical establishments in Ontario rely heavily on their teams of specialists across the medical spectrum. Key personnel such as surgeons, doctors, nurses and personal support workers are the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. While these specialists are trained to perform exacting and sustained procedures, they often experience burnout and stress and require frequent breaks to rejuvenate and recoup.

Further complicating the issue is the the high turnover of healthcare professionals in Ontario's medical space, coupled with frequent shortages due to specialists requiring breaks, availing leave or taking vacations from time to time.

Our Staffing Solution

We understand the challenges arising from staffing shortages in healthcare facilities. The staffing solutions team at Neighbourhood Care helps healthcare facilities across Ontario avoid costly workforce shortages that can seriously set back daily operations and healthcare plans.

Focus On What Matters

Our Staffing Solutions take the angst out of staff shortages arising at your establishment from:

Staff migration

Employee time-off


Extended weekends

Maternity or Paternity Leave


Cutbacks arising from spiralling overtime costs

Better Together

A few reasons why our specialists will be a perfect fit for your healthcare team:

Hands-on experience of having worked with medical teams at other established healthcare establishments

Familiarity with procedures and practices due to extensive prior exposure

Well-read and abreast of medical developments in their respective fields

Strong alignment with institutional and team goals

All Our Professionals Are:

We follow an elaborate process of verification prior to onboarding of our specialists. Our specialists are fully conversant with medical procedures and healthcare processes and consequently support your plans for superior healthcare delivery and excellent patient experience, when they join your team.

staff training


Checked for health and medical conditions including communicable diseases

Trained, experienced and highly-skilled

Recommended, security-checked and well-referenced

Empathetic and ethically-sound

Good team players

Committed to the Future of Care

We spare no pains in going over the critical checkpoints associated with staff recruitment and onboarding. You will find our specialists distinguish themselves with their qualities and abilities, making them a value-addition to any medical or healthcare team.

Commitment to healthcare excellence

Adherence to our Core Values of Care, Concern and Commitment

Ethical mindset

Service orientatio

Patient advocacy

Courage of conviction

Decision-making ability

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